Link me some inspirational words over images
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I suffer from anxiety and as cheesy as it sounds, pictures with inspirational quotes/wording really help!

I'm looking for images to add to a folder I look at when I'm feeling anxious. The immediate distraction and smile I get from the below helps me interrupt a negative thought pattern. Here are the ones I've collected so far, the themes are positive self talk, optimism, and reminding me not to be so hard on myself. Also, terrible Facebook inspirational quotes over images are not what I'm looking for!

one two three four five six
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Do you have a pinterest account? I see things like this all the time on there.
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Can you clarify a bit what you're looking for? I feel like all your examples are the same as "Facebook inspirational quotes over images"
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Response by poster: Amusing, self affirmative, remind me not to take myself so seriously, not a standard cheesy picture of a beach or a sunset?

Pinterest is a good idea, are there any specific boards you recommend?
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You might like the Calming Manatee and Boggle the Owl.
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Hundreds and hundreds to browse through in these collections of Reddit images on Imgur: getmotivated and motivation.
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There's a line in a Vonnegut book called Mother Night that I just love:

We are who we pretend to be, so we must be careful about who we pretend to be.

Part of it is a little ominous (in the sense that if you go around acting like an asshole people will think you're an asshole--good advice for, say, middle school age kids), but you can also read it another way...even if you're scared and anxious on the inside, that can be your secret. If you present to others like you're a cool and confident person, you will become that cool and confident person. No one has to know that you're actually scared shitless.

Something I wish I had known earlier in life.

(Now just pretend I've slapped that over a picture of a sunset, and there you have your inspirational image macro.)
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I keep this print next to my bathroom mirror, and this one over the television.

(I love all of Donny Miller's work in this vein, but that one is my favorite).
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my favorite.
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Some good A Softer Worlds.
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I've always liked looking at this whenever I need a push.
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Response by poster: Thanks anderjen, 256 and divined by radio, exactly what I'm after but failed to describe.
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I just popped in to suggest Boggle the Owl, but it looks like Jeudi beat me to it. Love that little owl dude.
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You are already good enough.
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