How do I get back the Netflix instant queue?
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I just logged into Netflix and noticed that although I can see my DVD queue, I can't see my Instant queue. How do I get it back?

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they were doing this as part of an experiment into getting people to interact with Netflix differently, and that if you complained in the right way they'd bring it back. But my google-fu is weak today and I can't figure out how to do it! Surely I am not the only one on whom the random number generator has frowned.
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I just tried logging into my queue, and see this:

We're Sorry

The Netflix site is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as quickly as possible.

So - just wait a bit, I think.
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I've had it happen sometimes where my Instant Queue and Recommendations disappear, and then come back, randomly.
Just wait a little bit.

I think the thing you're thinking of is something different.
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I think it is just a glitch. My instant queue was missing earlier, but I just checked and its back.
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I've heard from a lot of people that they had difficulties with Netflix over the past few days. I think they cut the Internet connection when they installed the pool.
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I thought of this post on the Slate blog when I read your question, although I'm not entirely sure if that's what you had/have going on.
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