Celebrity Pants Pooping
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Looking for some information on the history of pants pooping incidents in popular culture. Not interested in pooped pants as part of a play or sketch. I'm looking for legitimate poops on the red carpet. The goal of this question is to determine the most famous person to have pooped their pants in public.
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John Rhys-Davies did an interview one time I saw which was about the making of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Among other things, he said that for some of the filming in Tunisia he was suffering from a terrible case of dysentery and may have had a touch of cholera. Anyway, one time during a film take, his bowels unloaded and, he said, he was so sick he didn't care.
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Jack Black had a diarrhea issue while filming in Oaxaca, Mexico. Can't remember details of the interview but he might have been able to pull his pants down, but not before reaching a bathroom.
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John Barrowman talks in one of his books about pooping during a show... maybe on the West End in London? Can't remember specifically. He thought it was gas but... it wasn't. Thanks to the help of a wardrobe assistant (who was undoubtedly underpaid, no matter how much they were making) he was able to get back stage and change and then back out without much of an interruption.
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On Howard Stern's radio show a few years back, Jenny McCarthy told a story about pooping her pants during an autograph signing.
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Chris Brown sharted while dancing:


I'd vote for Al Roker, though.
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Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void discusses the history of pooping in micro-G. Apparently, before the ISS toilet technology was perfected, astronaut pants pooping was a much more frequent occurrence than one might otherwise surmise.
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Oh, boy, do I got this one. Back in the Fametracker days, someone (not saying who) told a legendary story about being a PA on The Thin Red Line. It was claimed that John Cusack would purposefully shit his pants and leave them in the foxhole for the PA to clean up. From that point on, he was snarkily referred to as John Poopsack. Sorry, ladies!
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I think poor Julie Moss is the one to beat. That was the first one I thought of.

Not judging, but... why on Earth do you want to make a list like this? Are you settling a bet?
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Julian Clary vs. the Queen of England. Recounted on QI.
Just a little smidge, so he reports, but no direct evidence.
Internal squeezing will never suffice!
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bluedaisy: "Well, pooping during sports isn't exactly uncommon."

Paula Radcliffe famously had to go during the 2005 London Marathon in full view of the press and public. Even so, she went on to win it.
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Uta Pipping AKA Uta Pooping had "intestinal difficulties durin a Boston Marathon.
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