How do I keep Shockwave Flash from crashing in my Chrome browser?
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Suddenly Flash has been crashing. I went to a googol of Google forums and asked why. The same and only answer was to type in chrome:plugins and delete any second or third copies. The problem is, there are no second or third copies. Anyone have a similar experience and/or any solutions? Thank you.
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I've had this problem for a while, and disabling one or the other only works for a few days.

However, for the past couple of months there have been no issues - I'm using the 26.0.1410.64 m build.

You could also try downloading Chrome Canary, which will allow you to port over your bookmarks etc.
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thanks, KokuRyu.
i just checked out Chrome Canary. they say there's potential data loss. have you found that to be the case?
thank you.
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No I haven't. One thing you could try is creating a new Google account, and then create a new profile on your existing Chrome browser that is linked to the new Google account. Import your bookmarks to this new dummy account/profile and port it over to Canary as a test.

I hadn't heard of data loss, though, although I have not really used Canary since the Flash issues appeared to be resolved in Chrome, and since Chrome rolled out multiple user accounts.
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thanks, KokuRyu!
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I've sometimes seen issues with Pepper Flash- try disabling Pepper and install regular Flash.
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