Living in a Rail Car?
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Does anyone here currently live in a rail car? If so, we'd love to hear about it and maybe pick your brain.

We are looking at purchasing and living in a rail car for our retirement. We'd like to live "off the grid" and may be traveling via Amtrak from time to time. We'd like to talk to someone who currently does and who would be willing to answer some questions for us.
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Your best bet would probably be to connect with members of the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance and/or the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners.
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You may want to talk to these people -
The guy bought the car when in college, got married and lived in it raising a daughter.
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I lived across the street from a Pullman car, but it was kept in one place and "on the grid".
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get out your wallet, 34 years of freight RR, I have seen MANY private cars, it is NOT a cheap existence....
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