What to name this podcast?
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My friend and I are recording the first episode of our podcast tomorrow. What we need now is a name.

My friend is a genderqueer history major/gender studies minor who once reenacted the first episode of Gilmore Girls for me while drunk. I am a cisgender female English major bookish-type who is becoming progressively more radical in my feminism as I age. We are both voracious and eclectic TV watchers and want to use our brains/liberal arts degrees on a project that discusses gender and sexuality in television. Each episode we plan to focus on a show, writer, actor, trope, theme, etc. Our first episode will be on Lady Friendships, primarily in the show Community.

We find ourselves entirely stymied by the issue of a name. We're looking for something pithy and meaningful that signals what our show is about. It can be funny or silly or a reference but I'm really not a fan of puns. So, Metafilter - what should we call ourselves?
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A Podcast Called Barney.
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First Name Basis
True Companions
Double Standard(s)
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Best answer: Broadcast Spectra--'cause sexuality isn't on one spectrum but many

What St. Clare Saw--patron saint of television, St. Clare was the first woman to write the Rules of Order for a Catholic monastic order

F-Type--common connector for antenna and cable signals in North America

Sex Megahertz--the bandwidth of an NTSC standard-def channel was 6 MHz

Blanking Interval--the part of the video signal that isn't displayed on-screen but instead starts the next line in the sequence

Residual Carrier--the noise floor of a video signal includes a bit of the carrier wave, which reduces the contrast and fidelity of the output image to the input image, and that's kind of a microcosm of how societal institutions deform individual interactions
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The TV Show Show
The Televisual Mystique
Gender PerformaTVty
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The XX Files
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Ladies who Lunch.
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Scratch that. Been done. Lots of google results.
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How about:

Why XX

Down Under with Rabbitbookworm & Friend

Hades' Ladies

Tube Tops
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Response by poster: Just a note: we'd like to avoid names that imply that we are both female, as my friend does not identify as such.
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show, writer, actor, trope, theme, etc.
The acronym of that is SWATT etc.
I like it .
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Our Eyes Are Up Here
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Gender TV
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Standards and Practices (perhaps preceded by "Television" or "Broadcast")
Satellite Dish
Screen Door
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Genderally Speaking
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Which name did you go with? Can we listen?
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
Sorry for the extremely delayed update, but my friend and I landed on "Screen Burn" for our podcast name. You can listen to all our episodes here.

Thanks for your help! We live across the country from each other now but we try to update when we're reunited.
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