problem with page load delay in safari
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I am having an annoying problem with Safari. Say I scroll down a webpage and click on a link that takes me to a new page, when I hit the back button, the original page loads from the top and can take up to 5-6 seconds to jump back down to the original place. Do I have a preference set wrong?
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I know exactly what you're talking about: The browser is waiting for all the page elements to load before it knows where to jump to. When I experience a greater-than-normal lag, it's usually because an ad is being served up slowly.

Hit the escape key -- it causes all elements to stop being loaded and the page will jump to your spot.
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I experience this problem so often that if I know it's likely i'll want to come back, I'll open links in a new tab to avoid the problem.
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I don't use Safari but I know what you mean - this happens on IE and Firefox.
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