Help me track down this data-scanning monster.
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This drawing or graphic appeared in the print section of either the Washington Post or the New York Times on Saturday or Sunday, May 11-12 (my house gets both papers on Sundays and inevitably mixes them up). All sections were put out for the recycle bin Monday before I could clip the article.

The illustration was so striking that it has driven out of my head any memory of the article's correct citation or specific topic (it was about data-mining companies). I have been searching the websites of both papers and could not find it or the illustration.

A large, red, feathered and spiky, four-legged monster stands atop a field of data. Its head is a single enormous eyeball emitting a beam of laser light. A tiny human figure stands atop the eyeball, pulling on reins or levers to guide the beam. The beast has an upright, stove-pipe-like tail with numbers and words streaming out of it into the cloud.
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Just checked, and nothing like that was in Sunday's Post. I doubt it was in Saturday's either, as the Post tends to be light on "big stories" (i.e., ones accompanied by a graphic) on Saturdays.
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