White Lotus Home--reviews?
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I'm considering buying a flame-retardant–free mattress from White Lotus Home, but lots of the reviews I find online are making my astroturfing antennae wiggle--not that that's incompatible with also having a decent product, but I just can't tell. Have you dealt with them? Tell all!
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I sleep on a White Lotus mattress! One of my good friends used to work for them -- I think she actually made the mattresses. They really are as hippy-dippy organic as they seem to be. The friend in question still refuses to sleep on anything but White Lotus, and the mattress I have is a hand-me-down from her sister. It's one of the cotton mattresses and is basically hard as a rock, which is how I like it, but be aware of this if you want something squishier. I hear the wool toppers work wonders.
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Years ago, but the mattress was great and I had no problems with them at all. In the past they sometimes seem to have been a little confused about the etiquette around emailing past clients, but that hasn't happened in a long time. I may be looking at buying from them again in the next year, so I will be watching this thread closely myself.
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We bought a futon lounge chair from there about 10 or more years ago, and when we needed to buy a new mattress for a platform bed, maybe in the last five or so, we went back.

When we first got our lounge chair from them, something broke and they replaced it with no problem and threw in some throw pillows for our trouble.
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