CBT headshrinkers in Pittsburgh
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Can you offer any recommendations for CBT-centered therapists in and around the Pittsburgh area, ideally east end? I'm looking for a CBT psychologist to provide therapy in conjunction with meds.

I have Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD and symptoms of PTSD. I am looking to learn CBT skills to help me cope with these issues that stick their dirty hands into my life and soil everything that makes it good and fun and worth it.

So far in therapy I have tried EMDR (didn't seem to do the trick for me), as well as regular talk therapy - the kind that felt like not much was getting done aside from chit-chat type conversation about day-to-day occurrences in my life, which became frustrating when I didn't want to fork over the co-pays for casual conversation.

I take Effexor 150mg once daily, and my psychiatrist expects to potentially increase the dose sometime soon if my symptoms do not improve even more. I also have Ativan .5mg on hand for dire situations and/or panic attacks.

I have a tendency to put off finding a therapist because of the previous experiences not working out, and because it's all a bit weird and awkward for me, but I really need to get this accomplished as my life has been threatened by these things in recent history, I'm a lifelong self-injurer with two suicide attempts in my past.

My primary issue in life is currently my anxiety and a recent spike has me motivated to find a good, solid therapist who can help me learn CBT. Pittsburgh area, preferably east side. I have widely accepted insurance. Suggestions? Thanks.
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For general CBT, I have heard good things about Kevin Smith (412) 687-6655 in Shadyside. It sounds like in your case, someone who specifically specializes in working with individuals with OCD might help. I'd recommend going to the Psychology Today site, click on "Find a Therapist" and Pittsburgh. Then you can click qualifiers like CBT and OCD. Dr. Lawrence M Glanz (412) 543-8484 x2 in North Oakland might be particularly relevant for you. If any clinician does not have room in their caseload, you could ask them for specific referrals for OCD and CBT in the east end. Finding good therapists is often word of mouth, asking for referrals, and trying therapists out until you find someone with whom you feel comfortable.

P.S. Your past question referenced monetary concerns with copays. For low cost therapy in Pittsburgh, I recommend the Duquesne University Psychology Clinic. They do not offer CBT specifically, but you can get $10 a session and it does not matter if you have insurance or not. The psychotherapy is conducted by psychologists-in-training and supervised by licensed psychologists. If you find yourself in the future unable to pay for therapy, you could also try there. Good luck!
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