Where can I get/find Podcasts? And, Podcast suggestions
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I love listening to podcasts. I like to think of my ipod as a pocket radio. I just recently discovered a Food Activist/ author Bryant Terry, and his interviews are amazing. But, when i did a search on Itunes, I found barely anything thing there, so I spent a lot of time combing google. I know that there has got to be some site where I can go to find podcasts. Also, there are great things on youtube, I wonder if I could get/rip? those videos to play on my nano somehow when I do not have wifi access. Also can you suggest podcasts for me?

1. I am into Urban Ag, Food Justice- I listen to Hot Grease, Eat Your Words, Splendid Table, KCRW Good Food

2. I love Moth, TAL, and Wait Wait...car talk is eeh

3. I am into Plant-Based Nutrition, Superfoods, Ayurveda and TChineseMedicine, Midwifery Giving up Dairy

4.I am into Knitting

5.I am into Meditation, I listen to thich nhat Hanh, Zencast and Plum Village podcasts

6. I am into Harry Potter

7. I am into Women of Color activism like Melissa Harris Perry, on Repro Rights, and Repro Health
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In Our Time, a history podcast from BBC radio is AMAZING.
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I like NPR's "Food" podcast, which collects just the food stories from All Things Considered, Morning Edition, etc.
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For 2. Stuff You Should Know, Slate Voice
For 5. Dharma Seed, ZENandTECH
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reproductive rights/health/POC activism: RH Reality Check's Reality Cast, previously on AskMe

meditation: Radio Free Shambhala

agriculture/food justice/plant-based nutrition: Our Hen House, Food for Thought
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BBC Radio 4 Food podcast
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For food: the BBC's Food Programme. Stuff podcasts also: Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff Your Mother Never Told You.
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Consider 99% Invisible, which is sort of TAL with a design focus. In the same vein, The Memory Palace is a delightful history podcast that always comes at the subject from a surprising and enlightening direction. As for a spiritual podcast, I've liked On Being with Krista Tippett.
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I love Moth, TAL

I love shows like this and asked for more podcasts like them here. There's Risk, Story Collider, How I Learned, Story Corps...
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Concerning ripping stuff from Youtube, if you install DownloadHelper on Firefox there's nothing to it. You could then download Any Video Converter, which allows one to convert (any) video to a variety of formats.
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I am into Meditation, I listen to thich nhat Hanh, Zencast and Plum Village podcasts

Definitely check out Tara Brach's podcast.
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Seconding Our Hen House, and adding Spilled Milk, mostly because Molly and Matthew have good chemistry when talking about and eating whatever food they've chosen for that episode.
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My GF bibliogrrl highly recommends The Knitmore Girls podcast. It is the only knitting podcast she has found that she actually enjoys.

Also, I second the Tara Brach podcasts for meditation.
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The Chapter Titles Were So Good is my favorite Harry Potter themed podcast. Three or four HP obsessed friends read and then goof on a chapter per episode. They're still in the first quarter of Goblet of Fire right now.

Nthing Risk! as well. It's like The Moth but with more sex and drugs and stabbing. And also all of the other Maximum Fun podcasts. If you want to laugh so hard every morning while you are putting on your makeup that it is pretty much impossible to use mascara anymore, listen to My Brother My Brother and Me.
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WTF podcast with marc maron
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The master podcast "site" is often, unfortunately, just iTunes. You can search topics on there for reviews.

If you like Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, you might like Luke Burbank's podcast TBTL or maybe Livewire.

I'm more into vegetarian cooking than vegan, but Compassionate Cooks is fairly thoughtful (maybe a little hippie dippie).
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I think we have really different tastes but I drive a ton and probably listen to at least 15 podcast hours a week, so I thought I'd share my favourites:

Spycast from the International Spy Museum: I am completely fascinated by spies. Fortunately there is a lot in the archives. I now have a long 'to read' list
Rexfactor: hilarious, especially once they get comfortable a few episodes in. They're going through and rating all the kings and queens of England.
In Our Time: nth-ed.
New Yorker Fiction: authors read stories from the New Yorker archive and talk about them.
Slate podcasts: I like the format of three people talking about different topics and I've learned about a lot of cool things from their recommendations at the end.
Q: CBC culture interview shows. Helps me still feel Canadian and I learn about lots of musicians.
Girl on Guy: usually interesting even though I'm not into comedy at all.
Ideas: if I listened to all of these, I would feel like I would know something about everything.
Quirks & Quarks: science
Savage Lovecast: probably not for everyone and sometimes I feel a little crushed when I disagree (really, someone is crazy if they don't want their partner to keep naked pictures of their exes?) but I still listen to it.
Thinking Allowed: sociology, lots of things I've never thought about.
Discovery: more science, especially cool when they interview scientists about how they got to where they are.
Also, the Yale itunes u course, Epidemics in Western Society since 1600, is fantastic.

Honestly, the best resource I've found for finding podcasts, other than browsing in iTunes, is askmetafliter.
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