Washington DC: Where do I display my motorcycle parking permit?
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Cannot find instructions for where to display my parking permit. Trivial, but vexing.

I've burned an unrecoverable chunk of my life combing through the menus and recordings on the 3-1-1 line. I've read the ENTIRE damned DMV website. My search skills with the Google are teh weaksauce. I've tried calling the actual DMV and it routes me back to 311.

I have a zone 6 parking sticker for my motorcycle. Where am I supposed to display it? The fork leg? The fairing windshield?

It lives under a cover on street parking and I don't want it ticketed, but I live in an area of DC where Parking Enforcement is religiously enforced. If I put it in the right place, theoretically, they won't ticket me.


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If I were you, I'd go down to the inspection station on Half St. and ask. Since you're in Zone 6, it's an easy trip. When I needed a replacement sticker due to a broken windshield, the phones and websites just gave me the runaround; the guy at the desk at Half St. gave me a sticker.
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Response by poster: I have the sticker, I just need to know where to put it.

The problem is that there is a 2-hour wait in line just to talk to the information desk.
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Do you ever see the Parking Enforcement officer? If so, ask her/him. The person who does the ticketing should know where they look for the sticker. And make a note of when you talked to the officer and her/his name and badge/ID number, so that if you do get a ticket at some point, you can take that information to the DMV to try to get the ticket dismissed.

Alternatively, maybe start looking at other motorcycles parked around the city to see if you can see where they put their sticker?
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You could ask their @DCDMV Twitter account. It looks like they are fairly responsive to questions there.
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The problem is that there is a 2-hour wait in line just to talk to the information desk.
At Half St.? Nah, just park nearby and walk up. I was in and out in 15 minutes this past summer, and most of that time I was with the desk guy.
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Fork worked fine for my husband in DC. We left in 2010 so YMMV.
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If you don't get a satisfactory answer here, you might want to ask in the DC RideIt subforum on Reddit.

IIRC, the one guy I know who had a motorcycle in DC and lived dangerously enough to park it on the street had his sticker on the rear swingarm.
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Look for other motorcycles nearby. See if they all have the sticker in the same place.
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