Replacement for Lockinfo?
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I recently lost the jailbreak on my iPhone and with that I lost LockInfo. Is there a replacement/workaround?

If you've never used it essentially looks like this. The fact that I see my calendar/appointments & weather and various other pieces of information everytime I lock & unlock my phone was highly useful to keep me organized.

I know I can't run LockInfo on non jailbroken devices but I'm desperate for a work around. Maybe an email every day that would show me upcoming appointments? Is there anything out there like this?
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Google Calendar can email you every day with your Daily Agenda.

(Sorry, having trouble making links right now.)
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What version of iOS are you running, and for what iPhone? I’m running iOS version 6.1.3 on an iPhone 4S, and I have that stuff without jailbreaking.

Any reason you can’t play around with

Settings -> Notifications -> Weather Widget


Settings -> Notifications -> Calendar?
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Yeah, that's notification center. If you aren't running ios6 because of the maps thing, it's no big deal anymore, just grab the google maps app.
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Yeah, that's why I jailbroke. Sorry you lost yours.

It's a tough feature to work around/replicate, and tough for us to know what would fit your needs and workflow.

Maybe there's a recipe at IFTTT that will help you?
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Response by poster: LockInfo displayed my upcoming appointments/calendar entries. I think that was the most useful feature ever. Stock iOS only display appointments in the lock screen when the notification is triggered. Google Daily agenda shows today's entries only.

Was worth a try, thanks everyone.
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