Assigning a keyboard shortcut to a macro in Access 2007
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Is there a simple way to assign a keyboard shortcut to a macro in Access 2007? I understand that macros behave differently in Access than they do in Excel (which I'm more familiar with). I have written a sub called "ImportAll" in Module1. I'd like it to run when I push Ctrl+I. How would I go about achieving this?
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Best answer: Here
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Response by poster: blue t-shirt: Followed those steps, but it gives me an error saying "Microsoft Office Access can't find the object 'ImportAll.'"
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Best answer: If I remember my Access correctly (it's been a while!) an Access macro and a Visual Basic for Applications subroutine are not the same thing. You might need to create an Access macro to bind your shortcut key to, and have that macro do a RunCode to execute your VBA sub.
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Response by poster: Ah, figured out the problem - was a bit confused about where to put "Autokeys"....I had it in the "Macro Name" field....which was not correct. Thanks to both of you for your help!
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