Can I get a Stuttah!??!?!
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I need a certain soundbyte (a cheetah stutter-barking) to add to a powerpoint presentation but need hive help.

We are creating a Jeopardy type game for zoo campers to play and we want to include a question that highlights the vocalization called a stutter-bark.

I am looking for a clear sound or video file of a cheetah "stutterbarking" in a format that can be easily added to a powerpoint presentation.

I am not very technical at all. (I can train animals and scoop poop like you wouldn't believe though!)

the site above has an example but im not sure how to get it from the site to my presentation, and I feel like there are better, more dramatic sound bytes out there.

I realize this is kinda two questions in one, but can you help me hive mind?

Thank you
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Try the movie Duma. It's likely available on a number of streaming sites, and it probably has what you're looking for, although it has been a while since I saw it and I can't remember. Great movie, though, so even if it's not what you're looking for, it's worth a watch.
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Best answer: Here's an MP3 of what might be the same recording. You can also grab an MP3 of a Cheetah 'chirping'.
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Response by poster: That is perfect Prinado! Thank you!
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