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I am looking for examples of innovative uses of boring old PowerPoint—beyond the normal title and bullets. I want to create a presentation that...doesnt look like PowerPoint. Are there any places to get ideas?
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Presentation Zen is a good place to start looking.
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Gar Reynolds' Presentation Zen is a useful source of ideas and covers the specifics of getting Powerpoint to jump through hoops it is not normally pointed at.
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Beyond Bullets is also a good blog with guides to what matters and what doesn't. His book Beyond Bullet Points is a good read.
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I meant to post this too, via Presentation Zen: Slideshare's World's Best Presentation Contest results
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I build my slides in powerpoint, but they don't really look like normal powerpoint stuff. I follow that beyond bulletpoints book and keep a single short sentence on each slide, with a full-bleed photo behind it. Each slide gets about a minute of talking from me, and I don't read the slides at the audience.
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David Byrne has done some art work with PowerPoint. You might find something useful in it.
Here's a Wired article
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Change the dimensions of the slide in page set-up. Think golden ratio presentations, or square presentations. It's simple, but, when I do it someone usually asks what program I used to make the presentation.
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See my earlier thread for more tips.
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If someone gave me a presentation where they didn't read to me verbatim (or paraphrase slightly, if they were "good"), and if they used a non-default template (check out office.microsoft.com), I might actually have to pay attention.

Above all, let PowerPoint be secondary to you and what you're saying.
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Get Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Akinson. I used this on a presentation and didn't use one bullet point. He shows you how to script a ppt like a film script for maximum impact.
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Lawrence Lessig gives an awesome presentation that looks nothing like powerpoint, though it is. He is mentioned at presentation zen, and you can check out his style online in a google video.
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Powerful PowerPoint for Educators: Using Visual Basic for Application to Make PowerPoint Interactive by David M. Marcovitz

I've created some interactive, Jeopardy style games this way using PowerPoint. Keep track of time, scores, etc. More ideas and examples on the website.
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Spaulding Gray
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Look at what people using Keynote are doing.

The only genuine PowerPoint™ presentations I have seen that weren’t terrible and a complete catalogue of what not to do are from Kevin Larson of Microsoft. Among other basic things, he uses reverse type with no gradients, and you should, too.

And of course now I see he has none online, apparently. I could ask.
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If you get tired of looking at examples of good Powerpoint, there's always Click To Add Title, a competition to be as bad as possible.
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The best Powerpoint presentations I've seen treat ppt like a slide projector and just display images, full size (no white border).
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