British Hacker movie?
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I'm trying to find the title of an early 80s British hacker movie, and Google is no help at all. You'd think this would be simple. Everything I remember is inside.

British, set in and around the City. The protagonists are a geek kid, a girl and a banker. Together they run a salami slicing operation.

The girl's an expert at a racing game - probably an Atari arcade game. This is important at the end, when she deliberately crashes the banker's Porsche[?] as they're making their getaway with a pile of cash.
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Oh, and I'd bet money the racing game was Pole Position, so we're probably talking 1982 or later.
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This isn't massively helpful, but Helen Slater comes to mind, but she doesn't seem to have been in anything relevant. Maybe a vaguely similar actress though?
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The wikipedia page on salami slicing - as a fraudulent activity - may be helpful - it gives some literary and film references to where it has been cited.
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rongo: Yeah, tried that approach. Also pages for Pole Position and video games in film. It doesn't even turn up on lists of hacker movies. I know I saw it on British TV, but the internet denies it exists.

The woman was brunette, and vaguely punky? And the car the banker drove was probably a Porsche (grey?)
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Does this describe the same movie?
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If you can remember any of the lines from the film, it will make the search much easier.
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Funny Money? British - set in London, 1983, features Elizabeth Daily as a credit card thief. Very little other information about it online from my search.
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devnull, not sure where that link's supposed to go, but there are no hacker movies there for me. Can you cut'n'paste the relevant text?

rongo: found a trailer. Nope... too "caper", too American, too femme. Thanks for looking, though.

She crashes the Porsche by shifting it into a low gear from the passenger seat... never understood quite how that worked.
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Are you looking in the wrong place? Could it have been a TV programme or do you remember seeing it in a cinema?
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Quote: ... well here goes, it was a movie i saw in my child hood days (late 70s to early 80s) . It was a Brittish comedy, all around a sausage factory ...

Give us a memorable line from the film!
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devnull: It was 30 years ago :( (salami slicing is a fraud technique where you take a little money from every account, and dump it all in one place. It was used in Superman III, too. Nothing to do with sausages, unfortunately).

Ah! I do remember some dialogue, kinda! The heist was timed around the shift to electronic trading, and the opening of a new electronic system. So... maybe 1986? 1987?

Yes! Adding 1986 to my search terms got me Smart Money!

Thank you all!

And.... that looks terrible. I'm not sure I want to watch this now :/
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It's the ultimate gaaaame! I'd watch this movie.
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