Showing divx length in Windows Explorer
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(How) Can I get the length (running time) of .divx videos to show in Windows Explorer? I am using Windows 7 (64-bit).

I installed the codec from (which I wouldn't need otherwise, as VLC plays the files just fine). I restarted my computer and still had no luck; I assume because this codec is 32-bit? (I have a new Control Panel item called "DivX Control Panel (32-bit)"). Thanks.
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I only have CCCP installed and it works for me (shows in Explorer when you click on it, like any other video).

The official Divx codec isn't so great and last I checked it likes to overlay stuff onto your video. Xvid is what you want, which I'm pretty sure is what comes with CCCP.
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Response by poster: Thanks neckro23. If I just install xvid by itself, will I get the same effect?
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As far as I know, yes.
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Response by poster: Well, I wasn't able to fix this problem (Xvid and CCCP didn't work, Media Preview gave me great thumbnails but no lengths), but I was able to work around it. Apparently ".divx is a modified .avi container." I renamed all of my .divx files (all RiffTrax VODs) to .avi, and lo and behold, their lengths show up in Windows Explorer! Now I can sort by length depending on how much time I want to waste spend on watching something. VLC doesn't seem to have a problem with it, either.
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