Can you help me figure out what book I'm remembering?
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I could have sworn it was something by Neal Stephenson, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Here is what I remember -- bits and pieces -- and I didn't finish it at the time, so presumably these events happened near the beginning of the book...

Bit 1: There is some compound and inside is a person who wants to escape. A man is hired to help him escape. The hired man is part of some private (or maybe military) unit positioned at a safe distance from the compound, monitoring the situation. There are several techs in this unit whom he meets. They are expecting a man to escape from the compound by a small plane of some sort or glider. Except, the person who actually espaces is a young girl -- I think, the daughter of the man who originally was suppose to escape. Because things went not-according-to-plan the whole tech unit self detonates.

Bit 2: The hired man flies with the girl to somewhere in South America. They find the hired man's brother and stay with him for a while. I remember the brother had two vans and was pulling parts from one to fix up the other. He also had an "augmented hound" in that using some kind of bio-tech devices enhanced the dog's senses. The brother has a wife who makes everyone migas.

Bit 3: (Not 100% sure this is from the same book, but I think it is.) The hired man is in a tropical paradise. He was sent there by his (military) unit to recuperate, but I don't think he knows this. He meets a beautiful woman and they have a relationship. He later learns that in fact the woman was a phycologist sent by the organization he works for and the "relationship" was just "therapy".

That's all I got. Ring a bell?
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Bit 3 is definitely Count Zero by William Gibson.
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Also I think Bit 1 could be either Angie Mitchell thread or the the daughter of the Japanese Yakuza boss in the same trilogy. It has been a long time since I read the novels, I don't distinctly remember the augmented hound, but it isn't UNfamiliar.
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Bit 1 is Count Zero:
Another person affected by the loa is Angela Mitchell, daughter of world-famous biochips developer Christopher Mitchell. He is supposed to be defecting from his current employer Maas Biolabs to Hosaka, but extraction expert Turner realizes at the extraction point that Mitchell sent his daughter instead. Turner learns that Angela has strange - REDACTED SPOILER

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This is definitely Count Zero. Bit 1 is Turner getting Angie out of Maas-Neotek, bit 2 is when they're holed up with his brother (they were supposed to go to south america) and bit 3 is the first chapeter of the book, before the extraction.
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Thanks everyone. Count Zero it is.
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It's all Count Zero. Turner redirects the plane from Bogota to his brother Rudy's, who has augmented dogs.
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I remember the brother had two vans and was pulling parts from one to fix up the other.
He passed two rust-flecked Honda sedans, identical, same year and model. Rudy would be ripping one for parts for the other; neither would be running. He grinned absently at the immaculate brown and tan paintwork on the 1949 Chevrolet van, remembering the rusted shell Rudy had hauled home from Arkansas on a rented flatbed.
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100% Count Zero.

The entire Sprawl trilogy is worth re-reading today. I did it last year, and was amazed at how relevant it still is. Gibson can write. 100 years from now, AP English students will be reading Gibson, and Stephenson will be lucky if he survives as a footnote. (I like Stephenson, but Gibson is the good stuff to Stephenson's nerdcandy)
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