Who is Bowling for Soup parodying?
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In Bowling For Soup's video for "1985", who are they supposed to be the second time the garage door opens? The others are pretty obvious to me, but I'm feeling more and more frustrated at not being able to place the reference that happens between the Robert Palmer and George Michael sections!!
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For the record, you're talking about this section of this video?
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Run DMC and Aerosmith in Walk this Way.
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(Here's the video in question)

Looks to me like they're going for RUN-DMC, but it could be some other tracksuit-clad 80s hip hop artists.
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Best answer: Sort of a general pastiche of 80s breakdancers and associated musicians. Run-DMC, for example. The guy in the striped shirt is dressed in a manner reminiscent of Special K from the Breakin' movies.
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Well certainly Run DMC, but I think I was distracted by the singer's cheekbones and was thinking Steven Tyler. Looks like a random B-Boy plus Run DMC.
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