Fee-only financial planner, New York City
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I am looking for a good fee-only financial planner in New York City.

I have never visited a financial planner before (because I've been broke all my life!) but I have recently come into a modest amount of money and would like some help to avoid squandering it. Ask Mefi wisdom is that a fee-only financial planner is the way to go, and I would like some suggestions from people who've had good experiences. Feel free to memail me if you are not comfortable posting someone's name publicly, or if you have questions that would help you narrow down your answer, feel free to ask them in thread.
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Recycling my previous answer from a few days ago:

The Boglehead forum members tend to recommend the Garrett Planning Network. I know a couple who have used (and been happy with) a Garrett-related planner on the east coast; I don't know anyone who's used one in NYC specifically.

Hope that helps!
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