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As a follow up to this question about suddenly coming into a substantial amount of money - I'm wondering if anyone in the New York City area can recommend a fee-only financial advisor.

The legal settlement I referenced in my last question looks like it will be resolved next week. Looking for someone in the city who has some experience with fee-only financial advisors in the city who can give me some guidance. throwaway email:
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It's been a couple of years so I don't know if she's still doing it, or still in the area, but I consulted with Kim Allman when I was in a similar situation and I believe she just charged an hourly fee. I thought she was great - really smart, listened to my needs & wishes, great communication. Send her an email.

Kimberly Allman
Allman Financial Planning, LLC
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Just read the other thread. I may have another point of view that you may want to hear, but don't want to argue publicly. Feel free to email me on my spam email: rrrispam at gmail.
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