Replacement for Echofon (Twitter client) on Windows desktop?
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For a while I've been using Echofon as my Twitter client. It's got some things I don't like, but I always assumed they'd eventually get fixed. However, Echofon has discontinued support for the desktop client, opting instead to focus on mobile platforms. I'm looking for a replacement, since some features in Echofon have inexplicably stopped working and obviously won't be fixed. Anyone got suggestions on a replacement?

What I like about Echofon and would like to preserve:

1) Windows desktop client. I like that it's separate from my browser, but in a pinch I would try a browser-based client again (I use Chrome but am not happy with it and that's another story.)

2) Small footprint: Tweetdeck seems to think I want a minimum of three columns; I don't. I only need one column at a time. If it's going to take up the whole screen, I may as well just use the page.

3) Visually identify "new" tweets. I'd like to see at once what I haven't read yet.

4) Multiple accounts. I have some alternate accounts that I don't monitor constantly but want to be able to switch to and post as from time to time.

5) Muting users and keywords. Not a dealbreaker, but it would be nice.

I've tried TweetDeck. I'm currently using Janetter, but it's got a pretty busy design and fails on point 3. I was going to try MetroTwit but apparently the free version only allows one account and also it wanted a PC reboot for a damn Twitter client, so screw that. I've tried DestroyTwitter in the past but now it wants something called AIR and while I'll do that if I must, having another thing Adobe thinks needs to be updated daily is not something I'm looking to do.

Incidentally, I only care about Twitter. I don't need it to monitor Facebook or IMs or Tumblr or Honkr or Smurb or whatever other things people are using.

I know I'm being picky and probably just need to pick something and get used to it, but I thought I'd get some suggestions first. Thanks!
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Response by poster: If you use Janetter and have suggestions on options or themes that might work, I'm open to that as well.
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Hmm. Tweetbot would be perfect for you IMHO, except its iOS/Mac only.
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Hi! Janetter user here. This has become my anti-Yellow Bird since TweetDeck went bad. I'm currently using the theme Deep Sea (which creates cartoon bubble-like boxes around each tweet, and does a little threading thing between your tweets and those of others, which may help you with item 3), but have also used the Crow and Black(fixed) themes. I prefer having my menu buttons across the top as in those themes. Janetter definitely does items 3, 4, 5, and 1, but not 2, really.

I needed Adobe Air for Yellow Bird TweetDeck, so it wasn't a big deal for me; I would suggest you also try Destroy Twitter and see if it doesn't meet your needs. Air isn't like Flash.
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