Where Do I Find On-Line Volunteers For Art Project?
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I am doing an art project where I am asking people to send in photographs of their feet with a positive sentiment written on top. The project is entitled "Perfect Imperfection" or "Happy Feet" It was inspired by my sweetie realizing that her body is perfect in it's imperfection. I need to expand my reach outside of my own circle of friends to help complete the project. Is there a site I can go to online where I can ask for volunteers?
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Tumblr. Definitely, definitely Tumblr. You could also consider posting it to MeFi Projects.
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Oooooh, I will! I will!
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I would try Instagram! (Not really a site, but a picture application...) The site is filled with people that love to take pictures, and many of them would willingly participate in an art project like this. I know I would!

(You can try using hash tags to spread the message)
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If you're willing to pay people literally a penny or two, Mechanical Turk.
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I will, if you want. It's kind of ironic that while I'm icked out by feet in general, I really rather like my own.
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I'll do it. I actually have a big scar down my left foot from surgery so maybe that would be interesting?
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You mean, like here?

I have the vestages of broken toes, so mine are sort of gnarly. I'll be happy to help.
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I'm in!
I have primary lymphedema, but I love my feet for having the same iron will of "never say never" that my head does.
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Thanks to everyone who would like to take part. Puppet, I already have 2-3 with scars so that would be perfect. Would love to have you all on board.

Please go to my profile and connect to me through my e-mail. I will then send you more info about project.

Thanks everyone...
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Reddit. Try sub-reddits like r/ineedafavor or r/art
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Thank you widgetalley...

Tumblr site here
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