Chrome users I need help!
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I'm thinking of moving from Firefox to Chrome on my work and home Windows PCs. I'm confused by bookmarking in Chrome, however. Can you help?

First, it looks like there are two bookmark systems on Chrome: Google Bookmarks and the bookmark bar. Are they one in the same? Interchangeable? Do they both "synch" between machines?
Can I import my firefox bookmarks so that they will synch with Firefox?
What is the best way to move from Firefox to Chrome?

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Think of the bookmarks bar as a folder in your Bookmarks. I believe all bookmaks sync, though I don't use this functionality. You can import your bookmarks.

Most of your Firefox extensions have a Chrome equivalent. I switched by just using Chrome and then adding any missing functionality. You can go back and forth if need be.
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When you install Chrome, it will ask if you want to import bookmarks from your other browsers. If you skipped this step, click on the menu on the top right of the Chrome window (looks like three parallel lines), click bookmarks and then import.

Chrome will only sync your bookmarks between devices if you sign in to Chrome (not just to Google). You can sign in from the aforementioned menu.

Here's a screenshot of my bookmarks bar - you can see I have subfolders (News and Reading) with other links. "Other Bookmarks" on the far right contains a whole lot more. Like cnc said, the Bookmarks bar is just another folder in the system, it's just the one that's visible. You can also see my extensions in the screenshot. I believe most or all of them are available in FireFox.
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Oh, the nice thing about signing in to Chrome is that not only can you sync your bookmarks, you can sync your open tabs. So if you're on your mobile device and you want to pick up reading that article you left open on your laptop, you can easily bring up that tab. (In iPhone this is under "other devices" on the menu.)
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Both Chrome and Firefox let you save bookmarks in folders. Both have a special folder that is displayed on the optional bookmark toolbar, below the address bar. Both have a system you can sign into to sync your bookmarks/tabs/passwords/etc. between computers (Chrome Sign-in and Firefox Sync).

Chrome can import Firefox bookmarks (and vice versa) but this will import a one-time snapshot; it will not keep the bookmarks in sync as you add or change them afterwards. If you want to continue to keep bookmarks in sync across Chrome and Firefox (and/or other browsers), you can use the third-party Xmarks service.
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