Thin screen or tablet for poster presentations
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My graduate research has recently headed in a video-heavy direction, which makes the ol' poster presentation format somewhat challenging. I'd like to have a thin screen or tablet to hold — or better yet, mount — where I can easily play a number of videos. What's my best option?

Videos work well for talks, but occasionally I have to give a poster and then it's a real pain. I thought of getting an iPad and somehow mounting it on the board, and maybe even cutting my poster around it, but I suspect that would be kind of tacky and the mounting situation is different at every event.

I don't really need much of an elaborate operating system, so paying extra for a (heavy) iPad seems a bit excessive, but ideally I'd like something about that size. My iPod is too small. Does anyone just make super-thin displays that can play off a flash drive?

Note: My videos are currently .avi or .wmv format, but I can adjust them. I saw this thread, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.
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The ipad mini sounds like a good option. I'm planning to take an ipad to a conference this year, but the mini would have been perfect. I'm planning to leave a space on the poster, where I can replace the space with a simple 3m mount like this.
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Ipad, bar none. Or the mini. You can connect wirelessly to the presentation device wirelessly.
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Sometimes I just hold my laptop in front of my poster and show people the video that way. It's clunky and silly, but it gets the job done. I have an Air, which means that my arms don't get so tired.

I'd buy an iPad mini, really, if I was doing this all the time.
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PS - the Kindle Fire would probably work, too, and is much less expensive than an iPad mini.
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Cheapest option might be a digital picture frame: most of them take memory cards and a lot of them play video. I think most of them are designed for tabletop rather than wall hanging, but if you can find one that ticks your boxes it will probably be cheaper than a tablet. Amazon seems to have a reasonable selection.

Failing that, a cheap Android tablet. Kindle Fire, like Ipad, lacks an SD slot but is cheap for the quality you're getting (because Amazon expect to make it up on content). But for just sitting there and playing a video, even a dirt cheap unknown-brand tablet like this one (which does have a microSD slot) should be up to the job.
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