The two shall be one
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I have two versions of the same PDF, both annotated in Acrobat Pro, and I need to make them into one document.

Which is easy, except that the comments (notes, sticky notes) do not stay with their pages. Instead, they go in author order, no matter what I ask them to do (sort by date etc.).

Any suggestions on how to make each person's comments appear on each page of the combined document would be enormously appreciated.
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Are you copy/pasting comments to merge them? I don't have Pro on this machine, but in the "Comment" sidebar, under Options somewhere, there is an "export comments" feature. Can you export comments from one, then re-import into the other file?
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(My use of "sidebar" implies Acrobat X or XI, I guess. Not exactly sure where it would be in 9 or earlier)
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How are you combining them? Are you using the "Combine files into a single PDF" feature?

That particular feature appears in different places in the various Acro Pro versions.
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Thanks, I think I've managed it. I was combining the two but that made one long, doubled pdf. There is an import comments tool, in the "cogs" of the comments and that worked perfectly.
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