Assemble JPGs into a PDF?
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I have a folder of JPG files. I want to create a PDF with one of those JPGs on each page. I don't want to spend any money. I am using a Windows computer.

I know could insert each JPG into a Word document, followed by a page break, and then save the document as a PDF. But I'm hoping there is free software that will make it easier.
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Mail Merge isn't just for addresses or text; in Word you can also use a folder full of pictures.

While it isn't super-trivial, that link should get you there.
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On my phone so I can't go digging but you can do this directly at the command line with the appropriate Imagemagick command. It's free.
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You may be able to do something through Windows Picture and Fax viewer, if you have a PDF printer installed, where you select all the photos you want printed, then instead of choosing a physical printer, you "print" them to PDF.
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I do this all the time. If you don't have a pdf printer, install Cute PDF or the like. Then go to the folder, select the images you want, right click and select Print. The rest is pretty obvious.
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Here are instructions for how to install and configure a set of free Ghostscript utilities in Windows to print straight to PDF.
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Oops, yeah, Cute PDF is probably a lot easier.
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I used this. it's ugly but it works.
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pdfforge's Images2PDF does this, and allows you to rearrange the pages of images.
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Exactly what I needed. Many thanks!
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Let's say you have foo001.jpeg through foo123.jpeg. The following ImageMagick command will convert them all into one multi-page, 300dpi PDF file:

$ convert -density 300 foo*.jpeg foo.pdf
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I used this.

The output I got from Images2PDF had a number of blank pages for some reason. I couldn't figure out why.

Image to PDF Converter Free didn't have the same problem. Unlike Images2PDF, it doesn't preview the JPGs without an extra click. But on the other hand, it doesn't use OpenCandy and doesn't require you to opt out of toolbar cruft when installing. So it's the clear winner here. Thank you.
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