Looking to easily record streaming audio on my mac OSX 10.6.
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I would like to record streaming audio from realplayer and other apps on my Macintosh running OSX 10.6. I am looking for something that is very easy to use. What do you suggest?
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If you are willing to spend $15, Piezo is dead simple. From the AirFoil people.
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Audio Hijack Pro is the app you want. It works perfectly and it's simple to use. It's $32, but my feeling is that it's not worth it to mess around with something cheaper and second rate and then discover you don't have the audio files you wanted. (p.s. There's still such a thing as RealPlayer??)
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Oh! I forgot they came out with a cheaper version called Piezo—same quality under the hood. (And AgentRocket beat me to it, oh well)
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Audacity and Soundflower, if you want to use free applications.

Here is the Audacity manual's discussion of how to do this. They mention AH Pro, too.
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Seconding Audio Hijack Pro.
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Just a quick mention for the free and open source StreamripperX in case you don't need the additional features of Audio Hijack Pro.
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+1 for Audio Hijack. A few features I like:

MUTE: You can mute the app you're recording, meaning, you can start recording a stream and mute it so you can listen to something else while the stream gets recorded in the background.

SPLIT: If you're recording a stream for a few hours, you can set up Audio Hijack to stop and then start a new file every hour, or every half hour, or whenever. So, a 3 hour stream becomes six 30 minute files, or three 1 hour files.

TIMER: You can set it to start and stop at a certain time. It can even launch a stream to record.

...and a ton of other features - but don't let the features fool you. It's pretty easy to use.
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The thing I like about audacity is you can time the rip from when you start recording. It seems audio hijack does not do this and neither does piezo. Both look great otherwise.
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Audio Hijack Pro has a checkbox for "Stop Recording After" where you can set a time limit (you can see it in this screenshot). If you're recording a stream and it ends sooner, it can also tell and stop the recording so you don't have a load of silence at the end.
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