Where can I find teddy bear buttons?
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I'm knitting an outfit for my little grandniece's fourth birthday in August. I need about ten 1/2"/13 mm teddy bear buttons for it. The outfit consists of a red cardigan and dress, and the dress will have a brown and cream teddy bear intarsia design on the front, so the buttons should be brown/wood tone, cream, or possibly red. Anyone know of a great online source for novelty buttons?
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Would these work?

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eBay. I usually use it for picky little sewing/craft notions and it usually comes through.
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Etsy is great for things like this.
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These may be a little large - 18mm.
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If noplace else works, this store has an amazing selection (a bit pricey, and you would have to trust the owner since they don't have an online store)
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Incomparable Buttons are very nice handmade ceramic (?) buttons from South Africa. They have their own wholesale website with full catalogue--this is the Canadian version--but they're also sold in Canada online through The Steam Trunk Craft Works. TSTCW has some teddy bear buttons (according to the Incomparable site, the photos are life sized) that might work for you.
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