Yarn shops in Paris?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for good yarn shops in Paris?
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I'm told this place is good:

La Droguerie, 9-11, rue du Jour, near Les Halles subway station. Sells yarn by weight, not by balls or skeins. Patterns, kits, buttons, beads.

And for basic yarns and pattern books, there's always Bon Marche.

And there are Phildar boutiques here and there.

Here's a post suggesting you may have trouble finding much beyond that, sad to say.

London, on the other hand, is full of yarn stores - if you're as obsessed as I am, you might consider taking the Chunnel train over for the day...

Good luck.
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There is a fabric district in Montmarte - Marche Saint Pierre. Just off and around Rue Charles Nodier which is at the bottom of the hill just east of the Sacre Coeur. Lots of shops, and several streets (Rue D'Orsel, Rue Pierre Picard) that are more or less given over to fabric and yarn shops/stalls.
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Response by poster: Thank you!

GrammarMoses, I'm asking for a friend and I don't know the extent of her yarn obsession.
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My girlfriend spent her entire semester in Paris trying to find cheap yarn and it didn't happen. La Droguerie is a fantastic place (huge assortment, colorful, old-fashioned feel), but since everyone knows about it, it's expensive as hell. There are a few places by Montmartre as fire&wings says, but mostly it's just fabrics. There's an actual yarn store a little ways up from the giant four floor fabric place there (I forget the name)... it's the one near that kids recreation center.

Wow, sorry for not being specific, I just got back a few weeks ago and I'm already forgetting places. Long story short, it's expensive no matter where you go, so either grin and bear it or head out of the city >_<
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Yes I visited the Drogherie when I was there in 2001 and just loved it. It's really charming but yes, I'm not sure how big a bargain it is...

The other thing I found, looking in the phone book, is that there are plenty of yarn stores that sell the yarn of only one particular company, unlike the stores here, where you can compare offerings. I found that interesting--once! It was an Anny Blatt store and so of course there were plenty of yarns, but again no big bargain and nothing I couldn't buy at home.

So I settled (!) for a whole bunch of French angora from la Drogherie which I have yet to make into that couch blanket for my sweetie and me that was the original plan...!
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