Best date ideas ever?
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Need some ideas on activities I can do with my girlfriend.

What is the best date you've ever been on or what other activities can we do? Bonus points if you can suggest things in Indianapolis.

So just some ideas of things we already do:

Saturday afternoons we'll go an art museum once a month.
Friday and Saturday nights we generally go out to have dinner, go to a bar, brewery or a hookah bar and hangout then go home and watch a movie.

We are foodies, like athletic activities, like to try new things, live music, festivals.
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Maybe it's time for you to rediscover bowling (preferably midnight bowl), darts (not the electronic game), and putt-putt!
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The zoo!! some of my best dates ever have been at the zoo!
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Get rock climbing lessons. Check Groupon and LivingSocial for ideas. I recently saw a deal for an improv class for 2.
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Dance lessons! And I say this as a clumsy guy who has two left feet, but had fun anyway. I think it's more fun if you're at similar levels of skill and/or you are good at shamelessly putting yourself out there, but if (like me) you're not, it's still a good opportunity for growth together.
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Other museums - do you have a natural history museum, science center, something like that?
Picnic in the park.

Go to a part of town you've never been to before and go exploring. (Bonus points if you get there by picking a bus you've never been on before and just get off whenever something interesting appears.)

Zoo, totally. Aquarium, aviary, etc.

Volunteer date - spend the afternoon together stocking shelves at the food bank or whatever volunteer event floats your boat.

Take a lesson, or give each other lessons - can she teach you to play some basic guitar chords if you teach her to make an origami crane, or something?
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Best date ever? Built a fort in my ex's bedroom out of all his blankets and pillows, got out the iPad, and watched cartoons all morning together. I got Lucky Charms, he had Cheerios. Sex may have also occurred.

Damn, that was a good day.
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foxhat10: "putt-putt!"

Best date I've ever been on by a long-shot. Of course, all I can remember is the laughing. So. Much. Laughing.

So I guess do something where you both can laugh a lot.
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Go on a scavenger hunt of al the places you've been to in the past and had fun at - the place you met, the place you had your first date, etc.
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go boating together: kayaking, or canoeing is pretty safe wherever there's an outfitter to rent the boats.
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It's probably a little too early for this in Indianapolis right now (I'm guessing), but summer will be here before you know it, and going berry (or apple, or tomato, etc.) picking can be a lot of fun. When you get home, use what you picked to make something fancy together. This site can be a useful starting point to find appropriate picking places, if you can get past its design.
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Seconding a water sport like kayaking. My fiance and I got a coupon for a rental and were completely hooked. Bought boats, the rack, and now every weekend and many warm nights we strap on the boats and go for a paddle.
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I am a fan of the indoor picnic,

Clear the living room of furniture, spread out blanket, have wine on hand, quiet music from the hi-fi (you do have a hi-fi right?) turn off all phones, feed each other talk and ave fun.

I usually get takeout from a decent restaurant then serve on paper plates, (no washing up)

Weather is always perfect (as a matter of fact the worse the weather is outside the better it is)
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One of the first dates with my now-fiance was watching "Megashark vs. Crocasaurus" (on Netflix). God damned awful movie but it was awesome and hilarious and just plain stupid and fun. It was a great date because we just kept laughing at each ridiculous thing that happened next. We had a long stretch where each week we tried to find an even WORSE movie. God, the garbage we discovered... so awesome.

So bad movies. I suggest bad movies.

Also, bikerides along a pretty path with a picnic. Or, just a bikeride to an icecream shop. Easier because you don't have to carry a bunch of food and stuff on your back while you bike. My fiance and I have done this. It was 10k each way to the ice cream parlour and we almost fucking died it was so hot, but it was loads of fun, we saw some gorgeous parts of the city we don't get to see otherwise, and that ice cream was fucking delicious. Good memories. We're going to do it again this year.

We also go to a local Dairy Queen in the somewhat sketchy end of town and go "parking", but what that really means is we each get an ice cream treat and park so that we're facing a house that seems totally rife with crazy people. We just sit in the car, eating ice cream, and people watch. Sounds boring but it is low key fun. We have seen some pretty bizzare things doing this.

(this has made me realize how many of our dates involve ice cream... weird...)
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Do either of you like taking pictures/have a good camera/good camera phone?

My husband and I have done "Photo Dates". It can also be a good group date. (My dad has a photo group that he shoots with, they pick a location, then they pick cards of things they want to capture -specific colors, shapes, etc - then compare photos after.)

You can go and take some fun pictures of places you have already been. It puts everything in a new perspective through the lens, even if you don't normally take photos it can be really interesting!

(Agreeing that photo dates can be great for what people suggested such as zoos, aquariums, scenic walks...)

I also think these can be fun:

-Shopping Spree Date - Would require funding
-See a new band you have never heard of
-Fondue - You can cook meals in a fondue pot with hot broth (small cubes of beef, etc.), then of course there is cheese and chocolate.
-Take out Dinner Dates - I love doing this, you can crawl into PJs and watch a movie while having really good food
-Craft Project - Find and easy DIY cute craft or baking project like fancy cookies or a cute painting project for the hall.
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Seconding geocaching. It's a great excuse to go for a walk and see new parts of your city.
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Um, I dunno if this counts as a "date", but we like to go down to the beach and laugh at all the dogs playing. And imitate them. We also dress up in funny clothes and prance around. Basically, we're a couple of clowns. Homemade dinner together is also fun! And walks. Also, we're making a project of touring all the historical sites in the city- they're publicly owned so they're cheap and there are educational tours! Plays are fun and if you're in a largeish city you can find them cheap or free, ditto "music in the park" type events, and visits to the botanical gardens. And we're planning to learn french so a lot of upcoming dates will probably involve sitting around talking in french and eating unhealthy food.

My ex and I used to read to each other, which I really enjoyed.
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@windykites, your name just gave me another idea: fly kites! I grabbed one of those cheapie ones from Target or Walmart (or the grocery store, even!) and I had forgot really how much fun that can be. Especially if you're in a big, open field, maybe have a light blanket with you or just an extra long-sleeved t-shirt, lay down with the kite tied around your ankle while you rest under a shade tree. It works! And it's neat.
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A couple of years ago, my partner and I went on a two day aromatherapy massage course. It was awesome. Also, knowing how to give a good massage really is a gift that just keeps on giving.
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Go to Roadside America and find some weirdo landmark to check out in your area.

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i second a lot of windykites' ideas, particularly music/movies in the park. my boyfriend and i love to go to dog parks and try to guess the dogs' names (sometimes it's too easy... boxers named murphy, goldens named jake, etc) and generally watch them play around.

we also will play pool. both of us are terrible, and because i drink and he doesn't, i get terrible-er as the games go on. neither of us are super competitive or sore losers so it works for us.

see if there's a local astronomy organization and go to a star-gazing party!
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I live nearish and have a to-do list of dates that I can share, some of which involve Indy places. I think the quality of the date will really depend on what you two like and the particular mood you're in at that point, so I'll just say that I would love all of these things.

-Go garage saling, antiquing, or thrifting. Find a flea market or an auction to go to.
-Go hiking in a state park. I've been to both Turkey Run and Kickapoo, which aren't too far from you. Kickapoo has tubing in the summer, too.
-Go to a waterpark or just splash around at a local pool.
-Go to a theme/amusement park.
-Take a half-day to explore a small town near you. Bonus: small towns sometimes have odd local festivals, particularly during the summer.
-Go camping.
-In the fall, go to an orchard (pick your own fruit, pumpkin patch, haunted house, hayride, or corn maze.
-There are a lot of great bands that stop in Indy. I use the Songkick app to find local shows based on the music I already listen to. Or go support some local bands at a dive bar.
-Go to a movie at a theatre and stuff yourself silly with popcorn and candy. Sit in the back and make out. Or go to a drive-in movie and sit in your car and make out.
-Build or repair something together.
-Volunteer together. You could go to a dog rescue and walk the dogs, for example.
-Go on a flight bar crawl. Get a flight of beer at one place, a flight of whiskey somewhere else, etc. Or go to a beer store where you can assemble your own 6 packs and make your own flights at home.
-Go to a skating rink (ice or roller).
-Play frisbee or basketball (HORSE is good).
-Set off model rockets.
-Go to an arcade and play against each other.
-Go out dancing.
-Go to a rock climbing wall.
-Play board games.
-Have a barbecue.
-Find somewhere that you can safely make a fire and make smores.
-Go stargazing. Find an open field, go at night, lay on your backs on a blanket, and look for shooting stars. Obviously works better when there's a predicted meteor shower.
-Go to the botanical garden.
-Go wine tasting. As a bonus, it's sometimes free!
-Go to a pro sports game. In my limited sports-game-attending experience, if you show up really late, tickets are cheap.
-Go to the state fair when it comes around and enjoy fair food and games. Ride the ferris wheel!
-There are a lot of obscure museums in Indy. There's a medical history museum that is now on my to-date list.

Check out the Arts & Entertainment category on Yelp for more ideas.
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This won't help until August, but take her to GenCon on a one-day pass. The people-watching opportunity is hard to beat. The board game vendors will gladly teach you their games. There's an art show to browse. There's a board game library for checking out games yourself--the people staffing it can probably recommend something fun. There are musical acts, movies, a costume contest, and typically a big party one night (check the program, because these aren't necessarily discoverable by just walking around). Go during the day on Thursday or Friday to avoid crowds if you can--Saturday will still be fun, but you can barely walk around in the vendor area.

Don't be put off by it not being your hobby or scene. It's basically a giant, super welcoming cultural festival and interesting to see. And if not GenCon, I'm sure there are other things like that in Indianapolis worth exploring just to see what people do there.
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Visit the Observatory, the Holcomb Gardens, Crown Hill Cemetery and the best restaurant ever-Recess!
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Go rent bikes at the Major Taylor Velodrome, it's what I did on the only date I've been on in Indianapolis.
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Hot air balloon rides are fun. Wear a hat!
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I had one chance to impress a woman I had been trying to date for months, and I took her for a sail and picnic on an island.
It worked.
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