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Good weeknight date ideas?

What are some fun dates things to do on weeknights? The BF and I usually both work until around 7-8ish and it what usually happens is dinner, watching something, then talking/together time. While this is always fun, I'm looking to mix things up a little. I have things in mind (activities and such) but I thought I'd mine the hivemind.

Any fun ideas? What do you like to do with your SO? Also, we're in SoCal, around Pasadena area, if you have event-centered suggestions (I really don't know the cool things that go on here or dt LA during the week). We generally like having a relaxing time after a long day of work, but if there's something really fun I'm down to investigate!

We don't live together, if that matters.
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Wednesdays here are "Cocktail Wednesdays". Sometimes it's just us, or sometimes we have a friend or two over.

We try out new libations. There's some planning and prep involved (first one home is the mixologist). Next Wednesday I'm making Caipirinhas after reading a mention here.

Low key, not too many cocktails 'cause its Wednesday, but something new to look forward to.
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My general state is to always be on the lookout for a new adventure, so just keep your eyes open when you are out and about or at thrift stores for fun stuff.

Hop on train or whatever your public transportation has, see where you can go.

Take off on foot, see what's within a half hour walk in either direction.

Find an obscure/old fashioned game, have tournaments. (You'd be surprised how intense our domino games can be!)

Go the the library, find silly poems to read outloud or DVD's to watch.

Here Tuesdays are often art openings at the local galleries, gallery hop and get some free wine and cheese.

Check out your local college's event schedule there maybe arty movies screening or a cool play.

Get bikes! Pedal around.

Pick a theme, take pictures with your camera phone.

Make a collage together. (This can be dicey if you don't share a particular artistic vision) :)

Oh yeah, have lots and lots of sex. Find new things to do, laugh if things are not working, its supposed to be fun.
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We do what you do, but sometimes we substitute "watch something" with "try to beat our fastest-time record for crossword puzzles" or "play a board game" or "go for a walk around the city" or "read each other short stories, making up funny voices for all the characters".

I look forward to additional ideas in this thread.
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Ten pin bowling! Time wise, with just two of you, two games will go pretty quickly, so it won't be a late night. Not too expensive - normally there is some kind of deal (say, two for one) on at least one night during the week. And I don't know about you, but I find it quite affectionate - we give each other hugs and kisses and high fives after nearly each bowl!
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The Yamashiro Farmers' Market is fun. It's more of an outdoor-dining-and-check-out-the-view event than a score-locally-grown-eggplant event.

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is a venue for folk/acoustic music in Altadena, and they often have weeknight shows. (Warning: tickets at the door are cash only.)

The Griffith Observatory is open til 10 on weeknights.
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if you have aspot that does awesome dessert, go out for dessert at dusk. there's paletas and old fashioned ice maker sno cones in crazy flavors (orchid creme!) and an amazing gelato and bakery shop down the road here, so that's what we do nights we're antsy to roam but don't want to be out forever. stroll around with your treats and talk, hold hands.
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Check which nights local museums are open late.

See if there are any fun concerts going on. (In New York, at least, you can find them any night of the week, for all budgets from free to expensive, and for all lengths from half-hour to epic--surely this must apply to LA too?)
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My husband and I like to go for walks, we are forever looking for new places to go be it parks or nice neighbourhoods. Summer evening walks are the best, taking a dog or 2 with you is optional but highly recommended.
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I'm a big fan of hitting a farmer's market for fruit and bread and cheese and then having a picnic in a park. Also of going to a free outdoor concert/play/etc. and having a picnic in a park. Or just finding a park to have a picnic in. Picnics, basically, are where it's at.
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We often go play bingo. Easy in Vegas, but maybe possible where you are.
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Used bookstores have always been fun on dates. Have a contest to see who can find the most ridiculous book. You can also have a great time trying to read the foreign language textbooks ("Czy sa dania wegetarianskie / jarskie? [tCHey soww danya vegetarianski/yaraskia] - Do you have vegetarian dishes?").
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Author readings usually start around 7 or 8, and don't make for a super late night.
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