Give me the best hip-hop tracks to kill the subwoofer in my car.
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I'm looking for hip-hop that's engineered for car systems. Heavy bass, melodic bass, brutal bass--what artists, albums or tracks sound amazing in a car with an amplified subwoofer setup?

I've been a headphone music nerd forever, but recently I installed a big subwoofer in my car, and it was immediately obvious that the new system favors entirely different audio qualities than I've been used to. Madvillainy sounds ok, but anything by Gucci Mayne? Daaaaamn.

Tell me your favorite tracks or artists for a system loud enough to vibrate internal organs. I'm looking for two qualities, melody and amplitude, and it's okay if a song only has one of the two. I'll give a couple of examples that have played well in my car so far.

Killa Cam

What I like about it: It's clean, it's deep, and, while it's extremely simple, the bass line is nicely melodic. I'm finding that monotone bass lines get tiring really quickly, so any producer who's paying attention to melody is greatly appreciated.

Plain Jane

What I like about it: The bass doesn't vary much, but it's all-encompassing. Super-forward, super aggressive. I like worrying that my rear-view mirror is gonna fall off.

Additional notes:

Dumb shit is fine. I'm normally kinda indie in my tastes, but in this case, I don't care too much about lyrics, or avante-garde production.

No long mixes. I'm more than set when it comes to hour-long DJ sets of dub and hip-hop, and my commute is super short, so I'm looking for individual tracks.

Please don't guess, if you don't have a system in your car. I'm finding there's a huge difference between good headphone/computer-speaker bass and auto subwoofer bass.
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You want trap.

That should be sorted by the most popular tracks on soundcloud.
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The "Seven Nation Army" remix by The Glitch Mob is wicked awesome for this. When I crank it in my little bare bones Corolla it vibrates the hell out of me. When we play it on our home surround sound stereo system the whole house vibrates. So awesome.
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All Big KRIT, All Day.
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"Born to Roll" by Masta Ace is pretty perfect for this. Big KRIT is a great suggestion too, although his production style is heavily indebted to Pimp C/UGK who you should check out too. Basically most southern hip-hop meets your criteria.
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80s Miami Bass. Especially 2live Crew. Trust me.
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Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
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Came in here to recommend Born to Roll.
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Trap is a good look, but something else to look for is "jeep music," as in music to rattle your jeep with.

(And if you like the Seven Nation Army/Superfly bass riff, Qualo has a good one.)
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LFO - LFO (full album "Frequencies" here) has piles of low end. I don't know how they cut the 12" of this without destroying the plate cutter.

Tracks from Soul Oddity's Tone Capsule might also sound fantastic with a good sub.
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L'Trimm - 'Cars That Go Boom'

Or, more seriously, the bass throb of Dead Prez - 'Hip Hop'
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I suggest DJ Bonez McCoy's Trill Ass Car Mixes
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G-Unit's Stunt 101 has a good bassline for long throw subs.
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Good suggestions above!

Highlights from more poppy rap include:

Lucifer - Jay-Z
All of the Lights - Kanye West (Sounds not particularly bassy on my computer, but it has that 'mirror falling off' quality you mention in the car...)
BOB - Outkast (another one that never stops)
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Thanks, everyone! Going on a test run now.
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