What did Jerry Springer do in 1999 that involved Anne Frank?
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In March of 1999 I was in Amsterdam doing the tour of the Anne Frank house. While we were there kids outside were holding up newspapers chanting Jerry Springer while holding up a newspapers.

Google hasn't helped much. Do I suck at Google so much that I missed something? The ordeal was pretty terrifying and all I could really notice is that Springer was on the FrontPage of the papers.

And our trip was in March of 1999 if that helps.
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All I can find is that Jerry Spring was a week in the Netherlands that month, see this short article.
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Nothing too specific and not precisely dated, but here are a couple of links suggesting that he has discussed the topic of Holocaust denial on his show and in other forums:

Amazon review of an Anne Frank DVD (search for "Springer")

Independent.UK profile (search for "Frank")
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Springer's parents were holocaust survivors, maybe he was just visiting the Anne Frank House or somehting on a trip to the Netherlands?
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