Help me bring my fabric design idea to fruition!
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An enthusiastic but unskilled n00b needs help putting together a Spoonflower fabric design.

I have [what I think is] a terrific idea for a fabric design to be printed on Spoonflower. I want to put an array of roundels from various national air forces on a steel gray background.

The problem is, I have zero design experience and no access to design software except for MS Paint. Can the designer cadre of AskMe point me in the direction of web-based software or apps that will help me put this together? Please halp!

(I mean, look at Brazil! Isn't that awesome?)
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Spoonflower has a section in their FAQ which lists various free programs. Since these are very simple shapes, I would look at Inkscape which is very easy to use. There are several tutorials out there that will give you great overview of the basics.
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It appears that you are seeking a tile containing a selection of roundels to be repeated on the printed fabric.

Easy, but lower quality: One way to make the tile would be to copy and paste the roundels in MS Paint. The roundels on that site are 139px by 139px. As Spoonflower operates at 150 dpi, each roundel would be slightly smaller than an inch.

More difficult, but better quality: Consider using Inkscape to retrace the various roundels into vectors as the images on that page appear to be heavily compressed, resulting in splotchy colors and unnatural or pixelated boundaries. Then, arrange the roundels in a vector file to generate a tile and use Spoonflower's size adjustments to `rasterize' the tile at the desired size.

In any case, please do consider ordering a swatch to verify colors.
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