Pls help me remember this french film about a poor girl...
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I rented this film on VHS in 1999. It is about a younger french girl, living with her mother in a trailer park. Mother is a drunk, they are poor, she tries to get a job at a food stand at one point (??) There is love interest and conflict and some kind of crisis. I loved this movie and have thought about it often since I saw it but I am afraid that my memories may have started overwriting my recollections. She is a little bit of a feral child, medium length brown hair, very striking. Please help!
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Best answer: Rosetta, by the amazing Belgian directing duo the Dardenne brothers.
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Best answer: Rosetta, Dardenne brothers
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Best answer: Their 2005 film L'enfant is just as amazing, if you like their work, but I wouldn't read anything about it online before watching.
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Response by poster: Man, you all are the best! Thanks you SO MUCH!
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No problem. You're in for a treat with their other movies, for sure. And you might like this AskMe from 2009:

What foreign film titles are there that involve remarkably realistic characters -and- settings as part of the plot and use a contemporary setting?
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Watch all their films, you won't regret it.
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