Suggestions for haunted/quirky/mystical/woo-woo/mythic places in Spain?
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Tell me about the weirdest, most magical, fantastical places in Spain. Places that have ghostly apparitions, spirit-sightings, woo-woo lines of crystal power or tombs of mad saints. Spooky forests, castles, places hippies flock to. Places where the guide books start the descriptions with "legend has it..." Fairy tale towns. Roman ruins. You get the idea. Places in Portugal welcomed as well. (Going for two weeks at the end of May. Delicious food & scenery is great, but I'm really looking to spark my imagination.)
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The day of the witch.
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Atlas Obscura might list some places that fit your parameters.
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The secret-passage- and relic-filled gardens of the Quinta de Regaleira, in Sintra, Portugal, are perhaps the most magical place I have ever visited. I felt like Lucy through the wardrobe. Highly, highly, highly recommended.
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Portugal is rich with this kind of stuff.

It was the last stronghold of the Knights Templars. The Templar castle at Tomar is not to be missed. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

Sintra is more of a fairy-tale magic. It is a small area, yet its climate is different than the surrounding area. Entering Sintra feels like entering another world - or a fairy-tale. On this speck of land, you have the Pena Palace, The Capuchin Monastery, The Old Moor Palace, the Quinta de Regaleira (as Marquis mentions) - all different wonderful things from different eras.

Lots of things in Evora but there's the ossuary, the chapel of bones. And not far from Evora is one of the oldest stone circles in the world: The Almendres Cromlech.
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Oooh, this is my personal area of expertise. It would really help to know what part of Spain you want to see though.

Are you into ghost towns? There are hundreds of pueblos abandonados in Spain, especially northern Spain (Soria, La Rioja, etc.).

Zugarramurdi in the Basque Country is Spain's version of Salem with witch museum and witch caves. I haven't been but the area is beautiful.

Galicia, the area north of Portugal is famous for legends of ghosts and witches, like the Santa CompaƱa.

Memail me for more specific suggestions when you know what part of the country you want to explore.
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Response by poster: These are all so great, thank you! The plan currently is to fly into Barcelona, stay for a couple days, then take a train to Granada. Rent a car and hit up the white hill towns, tool around Andalucia, and then either head up to Madrid & fly back from there OR catch our return flight from Lisbon. Unfortunately this rules out Zugarramurdi & the witch caves (which are PERFECT).
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