Can anyone help to identify this half-remembered fever dream of a movie?
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One night in Atlantic City, me and three other drunk, high, exhausted bachelor party gamblers went to our hotel room and ended up watching a program that may have just been some sort of shared fever dream. It was also in Spanish.

A woman is being chased by a guy who we think might be a spy. At one point, she's being chased in a mall, and manages to successfully hide by instantly applying for (and receiving) jobs at various places, such as the Hot Dog on a Stick. She also hides from him by receiving skating lessons at the ice rink. However, she consistently screws up her identity, and finally she is confronted by the spy in the ice rink.

She escapes by distracting him with the power of her dance moves.

We haven't been able to figure this out for over three years. Help!
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I'm certain I have seen this movie in theatres against my will (being dragged to see it by my partner at the time) as this particular scene was quite memorable for the sheer idiocy of it... The film I saw was made prior to 2010 yet still in the 2000s, and was definitely an American comedy aimed at teens / young adults. My impulse is to say it could be "Don't Mess With the Zohan", but I unexpectedly enjoyed it and therefore feel unsure about suggesting this. It stars Adam Sandler as an Israeli spy disguising himself as a barber and Palestinian spies. The movie could also be something similar but stupider like "Date Movie". I do think it is "Don't Mess With the Zohan" though. Sorry I wasn't more helpful. Now I am wondering what the answer is and will have to re-watch the film.
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