Online short identification.
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Help me find an only partially remembered short film I saw in the internet back in 2000 or 2001.

The short involved a young lady waling into a bar or restaurant and discovering that all the patrons were singing to her. She's charmed until she realizes that they're all being held hostage by a suicide bomber who walks out of the restaurant/bar at the end and blows himself up.

Again, I know I saw this online, in the early 2000's and maybe the setting was Israel or the Middle East?

I was suddenly reminded of this short by the line "I saw a prisoner wave a pistol/and say 'Join me in song'." on the new Iron and Wine album, if that works on anyone else's mind like it partially did on mine.
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It's a Spanish film and it was nominated for an Oscar, I believe.
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Best answer: 7:35 in the Morning.
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Response by poster: Bingo.

And it's available to watch on the official website, if anyone else is interested.
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