Where can I buy a quality buckwheat pillow?
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Where can I buy a quality buckwheat pillow in the DC area, or Maryland, or online? Or what do I need to look for to get a good one, and how much should I expect to pay? My aching neck is ready to try something new.

My main issue is that my neck feels like it sort of "collapses" at night with most pillows -- the latex one i'm using now is pretty good and was affordable, but sometimes my head slips off of it (or it feels like that at least) and then I'm half off the pillow and my neck is wonky again.

Thanks for your tips and recommendations!
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I use this one from Amazon. I love it. Keep in mind that it (as well as many other buckwheat pillows) is small, about half the size of a standard pillow. This has never been a problem for me.

Amazon carries several others as well.
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I stayed in Japan at a nice hotel once and they had this pillow filled with what felt like hollow plastic beads about the size of marbles. I thought it was weird, but gave it a try, and I slept so well!

I found this "corma bead" pillow while I was scouring the internet for it and I really love it. It is super firm and supportive unlike normal pillows that just give way, but you can get the beads to settle to a comfortable position that supports your neck unlike those latex pillows that your head just bounces off of while they retain their shape entirely. (I also have an "organic latex pillow" and it will do just that).
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I love my Soba pillow. My Mom bought it for me in Japan eons ago and it's just fantastic.

If I had to replace it, I'd get the one above from Amazon, although I've also seen them at Whole Foods, so try there as well.

Another option is the Sobakowa pillow (AS SEEN ON TV!) I bought one for Husbunny to use while he watches TV and it's pretty darn good. It weighs less than my Soba pillow (it uses styrofoam beads instead of buckwheat hulls) so I'll take that one with me when I travel.

You can get a Sobakowa pillow at CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart, just cruise the As Seen on TV Aisle. They're about $20.

So if you want to experiment before investing, that's a pretty good way to do it.
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The Vermont Country Store has them. They carry standard and travel size, and a U-neck pillow.
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