Am I imagining this art piece?
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I feel I've seen this mixed media work, possibly at a museum. Four squares mounted in a 2x2 grid: one square is a mirror, one is a piece of wood, one is stretched canvas, and one is metal -- a take on the four elements. Googling is not helpful. I'm possibly not remembering the materials, number, or arrangement exactly, but I'm almost sure the components are squares, and one of them is a mirror. Sound familiar? There are very likely multiple variants of the same idea; I'll be happy if you could point out any of them.
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Any chance you could give us more to go on? Is there a specific museum you are associating this with, or a particular year in which you think you might have seen it?

If you're near a major city with any sort of respected art museum, that'd be my first recommendation for a follow-up, depending on how important it is to you to find the original work. You could possibly also try the closest major university with a decent art department...some student might take on researching this for a small fee, or perhaps the campus library might turn something up.

It's so frustrating to remember something like this, but not be able to track it down. Been there, done that. It's like the visual version of an earworm. :)

Good luck with your search.
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