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Recommend me a hypo-allergenic mascara that won't make my eyeballs grumpy.

I currently use maybelline great lash waterproof, and it makes my eyeballs feel kindof sore, a little bloodshot, and very sleepy. I work on-camera. This is bad. I'm aware that it might be other makeup near my eyes contributing to this mild but annoying effect, so would welcome recommendations for the gentlest, bestest, makeup you've used.

I avoid makeup when I can, and I love the "how to look the best at everything" kit I found at sephora. Cute box kits are my weakness.
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Almay advertises all their products as being hypoallergenic, and they are available at drug stores. I have used their thickening mascara. It is very gentle and as a result, does not actually thicken much unless you use multiple coats (which is why I no longer use it). If it matters, it is easy to remove, even with just water.
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Back in the day when I used Maybelline, I became allergic to it so I switched to Almay and I'm fine now.
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I have incredibly sensitive eyes, to the point where I cannot wear any drugstore mascara. I've had success most recently with Buxom Lash mascara. It is formulated without all the crude that cheapy stuff usually has (like Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates). Buy it at Sephora and if you have the same red-eyed reaction, take it back! They have an amazing return policy and will help you find the perfect mascara for you!
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Response by poster: I will try Buxom Lash for sure. Thank you! Now for bonus points: waterproof recommendations, anyone?

Brands of primer/foundation/liners that are especially gentle?
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Clinique Lash Power is brilliant. It's waterproof, but its heat that removes it so you just use warm water. Sounds weird but it really works, not even ordinary makeup removers shift it. I wear contacts so I use hypoallergenic and sensitive formula everything, and this never irritates me. I don't know about in the US but in the UK Clinique also have a "don't like it - return it" policy. They also do a good lash primer.
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I came in to say Buxom Lash as well. I hated wearing mascara until I met that stuff. Very worth the price!
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I swear by L'Oreal Beauty Tubes, which is a tubing mascara - it sets up into tubes around your eyelashes. It removes with a minute of warm water and a swipe of a washcloth (or pinch them off with your fingers). Because of the way it plasticizes, it doesn't dry into powder or flakes, so there's nothing to come off into your eyes. I have onioned myself with the stuff on and rubbed ferociously at my eyes without a smudge, because it just doesn't come off until you heat it up. (It will, however, curl up like shrink wrap if you open the oven right into your face.)

It beats the hell out of my previous favorite Almay no-fiber, which gave me a burny feeling and was frequently defeated by my greasy under-eyes.
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If you can find old fashioned cake mascara, that might be a thing. I use it for years. Not at all waterproof, but very gentle. Longcils Boncza or Kryolan make them. (Google Cake Mascara).
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Seconding a tubing mascara. I have a brand called "blinc", available at Sephora.
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Lush makes only one mascara, which they claim to have developed when they asked a lot of people which mascara they used, and the most common response was something like "the one that hurts the least."
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nthing LUSH mascara - all natural, vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients. Their goal was to make a mascara that doesn't sting your eyes! I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my list for when I replace my current mascara.

I always thought mascara primer sounded dumb, until I bought a mascara that had black mascara on one end, and primer on the other. It actually does help the mascara stay where it belongs (instead of in your eyes...ow!).
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Seconding L'oreal Beauty Tubes. It's fantastic.
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I have very sensitive eyes and tried a few hypoallergenic formulas - the only one I can wear daily is Covergirl NatureLuxe.

It is very natural looking though so it's not ideal if you're looking for a dramatic look, but it's great for everyday. It's cheap, too.
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Also I've found that waterproof formulas tend to irritate my eyes more than the regular formulas, so if you don't actually plan to be out in the rain, you might want to see if the non-waterproof mascaras are less irritating for you.
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Definitely Clinique Lash Power!
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Seconding (thirding, fourthing... I lost count) the tubing mascaras. I've tried blinc, Clinique Lash Power, and L'oreal Beauty Tubes, and found them all to be equally non-irritating to my makeup-sensitive eyes. Personally, I prefer L'oreal, since they give me the best lenghtening effect - might have to do with the white base coat that comes with it.
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I agree that tubing mascara would be best for you. L'oreal Beauty Tubes, Clinique Lash Power, or Blinc are the most popular ones.

Tubing mascara will not come off and get in your eyes if you rub it, but removes easily with warm water - it comes off in little tubes, it's weird until you get used to it!
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I avoided mascara for years because I thought I couldn't wear it, but I finally found Smashbox's Full Exposure. I love it. It's pricier than drugstore brands, but if you get it in one of their kits, it's worth it. (This one is my recommendation, because everything in it is great.)

Bonus: all their makeup is designed for on-camera use.
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My eyes are very sensitive and lashes thick but light. I get around it by getting a lash tint once every four weeks. I am only bloodshot for one day then.

Almay works sensitivity-wise for me but with meh results.
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Have you tried false lashes? There are some great youtube tutorials, and once you get the hang of it you can put 'em on in like, 10 seconds.
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