Help! Recommendations for an exceptional dentist in Seattle?
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One of my crowns just cracked. I'm prone to all sorts of dental issues and need a dentist who is a master in the field. I'm looking for recommendations from people like me -- People who need more than just the biannual cleaning.

I've had root canals, an apicoectomy, numerous cavities, infections, etc. and I need a dentist who can handle it all. I was going to a guy in Redmond since moving to Seattle two years ago, but this is an emergency and I was never really jazzed about the care I was receiving at that office (nor about the driving distance from downtown).

Bonus: I'd really like to see someone who is not just technically good, but who is genuinely interested in providing quality service. My former dentist on the east coast was almost a mad man when it came to perfection. No stone left unturned, no x-ray left untaken. I want someone I can really trust.

And finally: I have Delta Dental coverage. In-network is a must, though obviously I can check on that myself.
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Dr Lisa Park in Fremont is EXCELLENT. She was referred to me years ago by a friend and now dozens of folks I know go there. Her professionalism with my wife was astounding. Thorough, great environment, great staff, and I'm nearly 100% sure they take Delta Dental.
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It depends on where you are in Seattle, but I love Dr. Christian in West Seattle. She approaches most problems with a "let's keep an eye on it" so when she recommends that something be done, I know it needs doing. (She's also great with accommodating any dental fears.) It doesn't say on the website which dental plans they accept, just "most of them". I trust her with my teeth and I've had fewer problems with my teeth than I've had in years since I started seeing her about five years ago.
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Dr. Chin was my childhood dentist, and he is fantastic. He was amazingly gentle and thorough, and he took care of my whole family for several years until we left Seattle. His practice is located at 19th and E. Aloha.

This was almost 20 years ago, and I still fondly recall Dr. Chin as the best dentist ever.
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Dr. Perry Jones in Ballard is a good dentist. I'm lucky enough to have pretty good teeth, but a fairly messed-up jaw. Dr. Jones examined my mouth and jaw on my first visit (not just visually, but with his hands) and told me more about my own jaw problems than all of the rest of my other dentists combined. He also proposed some new solutions. Unlike some other dentists I've known, Dr. Jones never seemed like he was in a rush and he listened very carefully to any concerns I had. They're very thorough even with routine stuff: making sure you've had recent x-rays, etc. A class act all around.
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You may actually be someone with (slightly) more dental problems than I have. I completely recommend Dr. Gary Bell. His office is at Northgate, but since I drive down from Bellingham to see him, I obviously don't think driving from downtown is too far. He has patients who have moved to Eastern Washington and still come across the mountains to have him take care of their teeth. The best dentist ever.
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I met a dentist at a dinner party once, and he told me, "Ninety percent of dentists are either crooks or assholes!" He was licensed in Alaska rather than Washington, but he highly recommended his pal Tracy Wayman as a fellow dentist in the other ten percent.

I am very disappointed to have switched to an insurance plan he doesn't accept, but he was outstanding and I so wish I could keep seeing him. (I am reading this thread closely because I've yet to find someone I can trust as much as Dr. Wayman.) I have pretty severe dental anxiety along with a lot of general dental weirdness, and he handled everything very thoroughly. (I have some teeth that have cracked as old fillings expanded, and he said I could get away without a crown for another ten years or so, but when he filled them he laid the groundwork to make it easy to put a crown on when it comes time.) He's in Wallingford and the whole office is really lovely. Super, super nice dude.
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Came here to recommend Dr. Park as well. Her colleague Dr. Kim is also very good.
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