How do I change ID3 tags in many files, across many directories?
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How do I change tags in many MP3 files across many directories?

So, I finally got a decent MP3 player, which uses an organisational system based on the ID3 tags for files. What I now realise is that the tags in all my files are not at all well organised.

What I need to do is tag a bunch of files across a series of subdirectories, so all files below directory `X' get tagged `Audio Book' for example, then I could tag all files below directory `Y' as `Podcast' or whatever.

I've tried a few programs, but none of them seem to really work across subdirectories. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: Tag&Rename
posted by Merdryn at 5:39 PM on September 9, 2005

MP3 Rage has always worked well for me. I'm almost positive it does subdirectories.
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oh, its Mac only though.
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Response by poster: Thanks Merdryn! Just what I was looking for!
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foobar2000's masstagger kicks ass, as does the rest of the player, and it's free. It's a Hydrogenaudio favourite, and those guys really know what they're talking about.

Default look is indeed nasty and functional, but if you're only going to be using it to tag files you'll probably manage; if you want to go further, you can make it look like pretty much anything; here's mine for instance. If nothing else it's a handy swiss army knife for manipulating arbitary audio; conversion between formats, tagging, burning, ripping, ReplayGaining, switching tag formats, ABX tests...
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