Online sporting goods retailer that isn't a clone?
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I'm trying to buy some cool soccer gear for my husband's teenage sister, but I'm finding that all the sites seem to be fronts for some kind of central wholesaler; they all have identical prices, inventory, et cetera. Can anyone recommend a good, independent online sporting goods or soccer specialty store?

I've tried everything that Google kicks back to me (,,, . . . the list goes on and on). Buying locally isn't an option as we don't have sporting goods stores here with inventory of the things she wants such as cool socks and eye-catching practice balls.
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Other than that - if you are looking for team branded merchandise then check the club website. If not then check the major manufcturers like Nike, Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Umbro etc.
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Best answer: While this is probably exactly what you might be referring to, I've played soccer since I was seven and twenty years later, I think your best bet would be Eurosport. I remember using Eurosport since I was probably 11-12.
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Response by poster: Thanks, fire&wings. In this case, though, unfortunately, eBay's selection is pretty dismal.
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Best answer: Check out The Onion Bag - it's an independent football shop (soccer store!) in NJ. If they have what you want, they're definitely reliable.
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Best answer: Paragon Sports has some pretty eye-catching soccer balls (specifically here). They have a lot of great sports clothes too, though I don't see specific soccer clothes for women. The physical store here in NYC is great.
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How about trying to find a store in Europe that ships internationally? Bear in mind that we don't call it soccer over here. In the UK, for instance, we call it football.
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Best answer: A very quick google, came up with this:
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Response by poster: Sweet. I got her a gift certificate from Eurosport (thanks, mic stand) and bookmarked the rest (thanks, egilmore and sueinnyc) as good sources for future gifting. I never even considered just going to because, you know, all the good domains are usually being used for evil.
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Response by poster: Ah. One more for Christmas. Thanks, veedubya.
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