Searching for an image: prices & business costs on a coffeeshop sign
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Sometime in the last week or two I saw (on Twitter? On Tumblr?) an image of a chalkboard coffeeshop sign. In addition to the regular menu & prices, it had a breakdown of costs (ingredients, supplies, overhead) and broke out how much profit the store was making. At least that's how it is in my memory, which might be mistaken. Can you find me this image (and attribution, if possible)?

It is not this image, though that is also a nifty coffee sign.
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Best answer: Is it this agile coffee shop? I can't remember where I found it, either, will have another search.
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Response by poster: YES. That is totally it, despite my having misremembered the details.
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Ah, good!

Sadly I have searched feeds, email, newsletters, forums, and can't find the page I saw it on, so no idea where I saw it first :(
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