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I am in search of a pair of shoes that captures all that is wonderful about these shoes but that are actually for sale somewhere.

So, those shoes are amazing. They are my favorite shoes. They are rubber soled and easy to walk in, comfortable, a neutral shade that isn't a boring-neutral, funky and unusual, but also "normal" enough looking that they don't really stick out. Also they were something like 60 bucks. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued and are not available for sale anywhere. :(

At this point I've almost completely walked through them and am going to need a new pair soon.

I have done some searching, and the best I can come up with is this (kind of boring) and this (fantastic, but out of my price range). I am looking for suggestions.

Here's my list of wants:
-ankle height
-lace up
-NO HEEL (I am plenty tall and plenty clumsy and cannot stress the importance of no heel enough)
-comfortable, good for walking, preferably of a soft material (I have very sensitive heels and am prone to blisters)
-"fun neutral" color--grays, oxblood, sand, etc. Not a big fan of black or brown unless there's something really special going on.
-interesting detail (cutouts, print, pop of color...something)
-under $100

I found these all before in my Culture Phit Dinas, so maybe lightning can strike twice.

Any ideas? I am a size 8.
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Have you thought about Campers? They have some super cute detail and can be had on sale for $100.

- Twins - the design is usually slightly different on each shoe. Look at the view of the top of the shoes together. Lots of different designs.
- Peu - super ridiculously comfy (in lots of colors, including grey, oxblood, etc. Sometimes with contrasting laces.)
- Peu booties - also super comfy (in lots of colors)

Lots of others out there, but let me know if this is vaguely your aesthetic and I'll hunt some other options down.
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Right now there are five pairs of size 8 Culture Phits on eBay (though not Dinas). I have had extraordinarily good luck with setting up a saved search and waiting for two years then getting exactly what I want in the form of no longer produced shoes, garments, or what have you.

I would create the saved search for Culture Phits and size 8, not the Dinas - it is too much to expect a seller would know the model of the shoes, and be willing to look at a couple of emails a week to see if your favorite shoe is for sale.

And just as a note - there is a pair of Dinas on eBay (yes, white and size 7 wide, but still). Also these "Dianas" look like "Dinas" (again, wrong size and suede). Actually, I don't think your wait will be very long - it looks like these are definitely around in the retail market. Good luck!
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Response by poster: I like those booties (and I love the purple accents), but I think I'm looking for something a little more dainty. The first two are too sneakery.
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Fly London are good for the comfy/funky combo (despite their terrible tag line of being "the brand of universal youth fashion") - tho might be outside your price band. I'm afraid I don't have the patience to try and browse for specific styles on my phone, but might be worth a look.
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Response by poster: I should probably add that I've been searching periodically for the Dinas for a year (and had already seen the size 7s linked above). I've snagged a pair in orange and a pair of the Dalia style in purple. The gray Dinas in size 8 haven't surfaced in all that time, and while I will probably always be looking for them forever, I've more or less given up hope at this point. Meanwhile, I've got probably a month of life, tops, left on my current shoes and need some new ones.
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What about these O'Neill Rosses? Kind of plain on the toe but interesting cutwork. I linked amazon because they're the only ones who appear to have size 8. You can see it in other colors on the O'Neill website. Unfortunately, the reviews on Zappos are not great.
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Have you already talked to the most fabulous cobbler in town? What about custom-made?
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So these Fryes are a bit over budget but might suit your other requirements. If you haven't checked already, it's worth a look around.
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I'm definitely thinking that Camper might be your brand. These are pretty close.
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Best answer: How about Blowfish? They have a few pairs that might meet your criteria.
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Best answer: I was also going to say a Blowfish. I love my Hobbit shoes. They aren't lace-up but I find them fairly comfy for walking. I have a pair in a neutral plaid. Back stock can still be found on various sites like eBay and Amazon, I don't think they make them anymore.
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Or have your current pair re-soled/repaired. I was just talking to someone who used to work doing this, and apparently they can make them like new again. (Though I think it works better with leather shoes.)
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Response by poster: I just ordered a pair of these. I like them pretty ok. We'll see how it goes.

The Campers are cool, but double my maximum price range, and they have a side zip rendering the laces useless (and there's nothing I hate more than hardware for show), so those are pretty much a no-go. The O'Neills linked above look just about perfect, but the reviews are pretty awful. :(

I've worn through my current shoes pretty much all over, not just on the sole, so I think at this point they're pretty much a loss. I will miss you, perfect gray shoes.

But now I've learned my lesson. If I get these and love them after a month or so, I'M BUYING A SECOND PAIR and socking them away in a closet.

(If you come across anything else that fits the bill, I'm still interested!)

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Hooray! I hope those shoes work for you. I just popped in to mention that you might want to sign up for a site like Zulily* or Gilt - they have really decent sales on otherwise unaffordable shoes all the time. I bought a pair of Fly London shoes (as Penguin Pie mentioned above) for a much more reasonable price than they would be at retail from Zulily. You might find other shoes like your dear departeds that way.

*Zulily's shipping can be sloooow. Just FYI.
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