Logan Airport - getting there from Quincy
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We have a 9 am flight on Saturday morning out of Logan Airport. We live in Quincy. We're leaning toward driving ourselves and leaving our car in the Economy Lot, with the idea that traffic's not likely to be a problem on a weekend morning. Do you think that's true? Also, how long does it take to take the shuttle from the Economy Lot to the airport (Terminal B, if that makes any difference)?

Plan B is to take the Logan Express from Braintree. Do you think that would be better? Price difference would be about $25, but if it is less convenient, not worth it. Do you think that a 7am Logan Express would be early enough for a 9am flight?

Any other suggestions? We also considered taking a taxi, but it looks like the cost would be about the same, and it doesn't seem like there's any advantage.
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Best answer: From Quincy to Logan on a Saturday morning isn't going to take you long at all. There's no traffic (even coming from the south shore, which always has traffic) at that time of day on the weekends, unless there's a holiday or event coming up.

The shuttles run pretty regularly, so you should be fine.
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Best answer: Generally there is little to no traffic heading in from Quincy on Saturday AM.

The regular economy lot is maybe a 10-15 minute shuttle ride with wait time (maybe 20 min. if you just miss a shuttle). There's more than one economy/overflow lot Logan may use depending on parking volume (at least one of them is indistinguishable from "leaving your car with some guy by the side of the road" but hey, I got the car back, no complaints here!) but I've never had it take more than 20 min. to get to the terminal.

If I were taking the Braintree logan shuttle I'd probably leave at 6 AM instead of 7 -- the TSA budget cutbacks are affecting time through security gates, which can be unpredictable. If you're traveling internationally, I might push back a bit earlier than that. (That being said, I tend to run very early for flights, so YMMV.)

There is no advantage to a taxi (Quincy is just outside the radius where a cab might be cheaper than parking). Personally, I prefer driving myself -- I've had a couple return flights get delayed to after 1:30 AM and I like knowing my car is there at the airport and I don't have to wait for the shuttle or find a cab to get home.
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Depending on how long you're parking, the cheapest, easiest and fastest option could be a cab. Weekly rate at Economy is around $108 and it'll add at least 1/2 hour to your trip. And coming home, I know that I never want to deal with getting my car and then schlepping home; I just want to get home so for me (Boston suburbs) with 3 kids and all their stuff, a cab is always the best bet.

Quincycab.com rates are around $35.
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If you're in Quincy, a cab to the Red Line, and then Red Line to South Station and Silver Line to Logan is certainly the cheapest solution, but also the slowest option. Budget an hour of travel time if you go this route.
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Generally there is little to no traffic heading in from Quincy on Saturday AM.

Agree with this, but check Google Traffic or others because there's been construction that can make some of the side roads suddenly weird and the main roads just stop. If it were me I'd be doing Red Line to Silver Line just because then I don't have to think about my car at all, but your plan will totally work. But yeah the T doesn't run very late, so if you have a lateish return flight I'd plan on having your car there (or springing for a taxi)
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