Front passenger speaker and window switch broke but power lock didnt
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The front passenger speaker and window control stopped working on my Ford Crown Victoria. The front passenger power lock switch is working fine. The window itself works normally and I can lower it from the driver side control panel. I had to take the whole dashboard apart earlier to replace a heater core so I unplugged a lot of wires. What did I miss when putting it back together? Where do I look?
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I would follow the wire bundle that goes from the door to the dash area and start seeing if you recognize the area and any connectors that you might have unplugged and/or not plugged back in all the way. I've never torn apart a Crown Vic, but most cars I've been into usually have those connectors deep inside the dash, if not on the body under/behind the dash. Like the wires are installed, and then the dash is installed on top of them. So think about that area.

Also, check inside the doors. You might not have taken them apart, but you could have tugged a wire that made it come loose from the connector. Bit of a longshot, but if all else fails...

Also consider doing the same thing on the driver's side, since car electronics aren't always logical. The power for the system may well flow through the driver's door, then under the dash, then into the passenger door. So don't discount something just because it isn't right in the same area. I don't know the circuits in that car, but I've seen circuits where it is perfectly plausible that you'd have the symptoms you describe.
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